Boob Job

Getting a boob job is becoming increasingly popular. Lots of women choose to have a boob job, also known as breast enlargement, because it increases their breast size and creates a lovely, fuller shape to each breast. It is usually a procedure which is undertaken by women who have always wanted bigger boobs, or women who feel they have lost their perkiness of their boobs after their pregnancy or whilst breast feeding.

A boob job is the most requested cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK with the highest customer satisfaction rate of any other cosmetic surgery procedure. If you are a woman with smaller boobs, or your boobs that have reduced in shape or size following pregnancy or a drastic loss of weight, your self confidence has probably already been be affected. Seeking a boob job is an easy and quick cosmetic surgery procedure that can help you to regain more confidence in your body than ever before.

Most women are not aware that a boob job is one of the simplest cosmetic surgery operations there are. You will meet with your chosen surgeon prior to the boob job operation, and you will agree on a sized implant which you are happy with. During the boob job procedure, it is then inserted through a small incision in the natural crease of your boob, and this is then repeated on the other boob. A boob job is always performed under general anaesthetic and the whole procedure takes only one hour to complete.

You will then stay overnight in the hospital, so that the surgeon who carried out your boob job, can keep a close eye on you and make sure you both have full peace of mind before you go home.

A normal and simple boob job will require only one week away from work, to allow the operation to heal fully, and for the boob job surgeon to remove the stitches and dressing, and give you the final all clear.

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